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Make The World Better Magazine is on Patreon!

Find out how you can support Make The World Better Magazine and become part of a new purpose-driven community with our Patreon page.

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Sparx’s publication, Make The World Better (MTWB) Magazine amplifies good by sharing the incredible stories of individuals and organizations driving positive impact in their communities. 

With purpose embedded in everything we do, our small and dedicated team of experts wants to continue spreading good to an ever-growing audience. To help achieve this, Sparx has created a new way for readers to digitally access and support the magazine: our Make The World Better Magazine Patreon page.

Keep scrolling to find out all the details, including why we chose Patreon, how it benefits MTWB Magazine, and our goal of building a purpose-driven community.

Why We Chose Patreon for Our Growth Efforts

When we decided to expand our reach, we began by researching possibilities for growing Make The World Better Magazine, including different print and digital distribution channels. Reviewing our findings, we landed on providing a fresh digital access point for readers, with the benefit of improving online discoverability. 

Along with offering a different user experience for engaging with Make The World Better content, we wanted to provide a concrete way for people to support our magazine production. And we determined that using an established platform would enable us to focus on making content rather than on technical infrastructure.

With its simple and easy-to-navigate interface, sleek design, and focus on creativity and community, Patreon immediately caught our attention. We were excited to start exploring the support resources and to engage with the vibrant community of creators who call Patreon home. 

Our Patreon has opened up new realms of versatility for us. We can now start crafting and sharing mission-aligned, dynamic content that goes beyond the pages of Make The World Better Magazine. Plus, we can curate content to the interests of the MTWB community, depending on their level of interest in the magazine and mission.

How Readers Can Support Make The World Better Magazine

Thanks to our Patreon page, there are plenty of new ways to support Make The World Better Magazine. By offering monthly monetary support, users can help pay for print and distribution costs so we can share our magazine in more places and at more events, cover internal labour costs, and make progress toward our goal of hosting mission-aligned events. 

Most importantly, supporting the magazine means contributing toward our mission of amplifying good. User support will help raise awareness around and spread the word about featured changemakers and the work they’re doing to advance important causes.

To allow flexibility when it comes to support amounts, we plan to offer support tiers with varying rewards. Right now, we’re starting from a general tier, but we envision having additional opportunities for more active and passionate members to shape and contribute to the direction of our content. 

Of course, there are plenty of other ways the community can support MTWB Magazine. Word of mouth is a powerful way to gain awareness and readership. And sharing links to our Patreon page on social media is a great way to help us grow and gain support.

What Building a Purpose-Driven Community Means to Us

Our main goal is to form a purpose-driven community around Make The World Better Magazine on Patreon. A community of folks who want to leave the world better than how they found it. Who really believe in our mission and want to spark meaningful conversations, see impact flourish, and ignite positive change in their communities and around the world. 

We’re excited to use this space to grow and connect with this like-minded community, share extended resources, and make a larger impact.

Let’s Work Together to Make The World Better

Join us in our mission! Check out our Patreon page here to become part of the Make The World Better community. 

And, if you’re a purpose-driven organization with an impact story to share, contact us for a free consultation. Together, we can help amplify your efforts and build a brighter future for all.

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