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Imagin is working through the approval process with the FDA for their proprietary i/Blue imaging system. They are looking to expand the application of this technology into multiple endoscopic procedures, such as laparoscopic (general and gynecology) and thoracic.

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    All of Imagin's social media channels were refreshed, providing more relevant content and compelling branded visuals.

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    Sparx took the lead in creating cohesive, professional branding to use across all of Imagin's digital channels.

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    Campaigns like the one Sparx created for Bladder Cancer Awareness Month helped boost interest and awareness among stakeholders.


Sparx was hired to address several marketing challenges for Imagin Medical. The first was to build awareness of Imagin with a variety of stakeholders, including specialists (such as urologists) and other medical professionals, individuals with bladder cancer, and retail investors interested in medical devices and biotechnology

We were also tasked with enhancing the brand look and feel to provide a consistent brand presence online. This included refreshing/revising all of the social media channels, ensuring the company branding and value proposition were highlighted.

Adding to the complexity of this engagement, Imagin operates in two highly-regulated environments: as a publicly-traded company and a healthcare company.

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Sparx developed an appropriate digital playbook that enabled our team to work efficiently with senior executives to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Our deliverables included enhancing their branding to provide a professional look and feel across all digital channels. We identified and created content for multiple key audience segments during a crucial time in their business life cycle. To ensure consistency of communications with these audiences as well as a cohesive brand presence, we created and implemented a customized style guide.

We also produced a marketing and communications workflow that fit the stringent approval/regulatory requirements of their business, and successfully built awareness and interest among key stakeholders on their desired digital channels. In addition, we seamlessly reported on the performance of various content initiatives, and assisted in the creation of professional communications collateral, corporate videos, and CEO interviews to thoughtfully tell Imagin Medical's story.

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